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Insurance policies can be hard to navigate. Our experts are here to help with in depth online information on the different types of insurance coverage.

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Auto Insurance Car Insurance Online WalletGenius

(Just Now) Auto insurance tips and advice online. A comprehensive guide to the different types of car insurance to help you select the coverage best for your vehicle.

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Life Insurance Policy Information Online WalletGenius

(Just Now) For most people, life insurance is an important financial backup. After all, everyone wants to ensure that their family will be financially taken care of if they are suddenly gone. Unfortunately, most major life insurance policies require a fairly thorough medical exam.

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10 Types of Insurance Everyone Should Have WalletGenius

(8 days ago)

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POS Health Insurance: Everything to Know WalletGenius

(5 days ago) Choosing the appropriate health insurance policy can be a confusing and daunting task for most folks. After all, medical bills can quickly cripple anyone who experiences health issues. It’s important to ensure you choose the right coverage. Sometimes that means paying higher premiums to have the best coverage for when you need it most. At […]

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WalletGenius Financial Advice & Money Saving Tips

(5 days ago) Motorcycle Insurance For New Riders: The Best Coverage and Companies. Insurance. Variable Life Insurance: Pros and Cons. Insurance. Prepaid Insurance: Is It an Asset or Owner’s Liability? Saving Money. Saving Money. Free Food For March 2021: The Best Restaurant Deals We Found.

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HO3 Insurance Policy: What Is it and What Does it Cover

(5 days ago) The exact coverage amounts can usually be finessed a little, but HO3 insurance is what most people are talking about when it comes having home insurance. HO4 Similar to the HO3 policy, the HO4 was “ created specifically for those who rent the home they live in.

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Driving Without Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

(6 days ago) Insurance companies look at your insurance history when they underwrite your policy. When I first came to America, I had to get my previous car insurance company from Canada to write a letter as proof that I had coverage there. The letter included details about the years of premiums I had already paid into the system (just in a different country).

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Hospital Indemnity Insurance: What Is It and How Does It

(4 days ago) Since hospital indemnity insurance is a sum of money paid to you relative to the terms of your plan, providers cannot deny your insurance. It’s a pretty black and white arrangement. If you stay overnight at the hospital, your indemnity insurance will payout the pre-set amount.

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The Ins and Outs of Home Insurance WalletGenius

(5 days ago) Mobile Home Insurance: Very similar to the homeowners’ insurance. However, it doesn’t include coverage for the land it is set on. Unless it was included in the purchase of the mobile home. Why Insurance is Needed. If an individual doesn’t have insurance, they are held responsible for the property and all possessions.

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What is Laptop Insurance (And Do You Need It)

(9 days ago) Laptop insurance is, as the name implies, simply extra insurance coverage for a laptop computer. You’ll pay a monthly (or annual) premium to have your laptop insured against theft, loss, or damage. If anything happens to your laptop, the insurance company will pay to repair or replace it.

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Variable Life Insurance: Pros and Cons WalletGenius

(8 days ago) How Variable Life Insurance Policies Work. With standard life insurance policies, you pay a fixed monthly premium. Then your beneficiaries receive an agreed upon death benefit if you pass away while the policy is active. Variable life insurance policies are a bit different.

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What You Need to Know About Life Insurance WalletGenius

(3 days ago) Purchasing life insurance is a big decision. It helps compensate spouses and/or dependent children after you pass. Having sufficient life insurance will assist your remaining family members maintain a standard of living, especially if you are the primary earner. At the very least, it should take care of your funeral costs. There’s no need to […]

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What is Commercial Insurance

(9 days ago) Commercial insurance is a generally broad term. It’s used to describe various types of insurance that provide protection from risks associated with operating a business. Commercial insurance has a few other names as well. You will often see it called business insurance or commercial lines insurance.

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Home Insurance Homeowners Insurance WalletGenius

(Just Now) Home insurance advice to help you select the best coverage protect your investment. Homeowners can find an array of essential online tips, quotes and more.

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Prepaid Insurance: Is It an Asset or Owner's Liability

(8 days ago) Prepaid insurance (and how it’s accounted for in the balance sheet) isn’t something the majority of us need to worry about. However if you are using the accrual basis accounting method at your company, then prepaid insurance might come into play. Still, it’s relatively simple to implement. Simply add it as a current asset as long as it

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The Best Home Insurance Plans for 2020 WalletGenius

(9 days ago) The best home insurance plan is the one that fits your budget and lifestyle. Whichever company offers the coverage you’re looking for (at a price your monthly budget can handle), be sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Especially given how expensive home repairs and/or legal fees can be when it comes to making a claim.

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What is HO6 Insurance and How Does it Work

(3 days ago) An HO6 insurance policy is basically homeowner’s insurance for condo owners. Related Topics (Ads): Renters Insurance Cost of Renters Insurance Erie Insurance State Farm Insurance. Condo insurance is a little different than a standard homeowner’s insurance. Most condos have a master home owners association, with their own insurance.

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Can You Get Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

(Just Now) Life insurance policies usually require a medical exam. It’s an inconvenience, at the very least. It normally involves an in-person visit and takes about 30-to-60 minutes. Life insurers know this. That’s why the companies usually try to accommodate you. Some will even dispatch someone to your home to do the medical exam.

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What is Critical Care Insurance

(7 days ago) Critical care insurance (also known as critical illness insurance or catastrophic coverage) is a supplementary type of health insurance plan. It’s designed to help you financially in the event of a serious disease diagnosis. Some common examples include cancer, stroke, or a heart attack.

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AD&D Insurance: Everything You Need to Know WalletGenius

(7 days ago) Life Insurance Types of Life Insurance Policies Term Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance This type of insurance is usually a supplement to an existing and more comprehensive life insurance policy. However, it’s specifically designed to cover rare and traumatic events resulting in the death or maiming of the policyholder.

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The Best Auto Insurance Plans For 2020 WalletGenius

(9 days ago) This insurance company has been rated best for drivers aged 50 and over, as it has a unique partnership with AARP. The Hartford also offers some of the best policy options, so check them out before you finalize your auto insurance policy elsewhere. Farmers: …

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Is Life Insurance Taxable

(4 days ago) First, let’s establish what cash value life insurance is. It’s a form of permanent life insurance that allows you to invest (or even withdraw) a portion of your payment. While term life insurance is typically a contract lasting a certain duration (usually between periods of 10 and 30 years), there is no time limit on cash value life insurance.

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When Should You Get Life Insurance

(5 days ago) Life Insurance Providers Life Insurance Policies Life Insurance for Young Adults Life Insurance for Older Adults Joshua Williams Joshua is a freelance writer with years of experience blogging about business and finance, and a whole host of other things too.

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Long Term Care Insurance: Pros and Cons Breakdown

(4 days ago) This insurance is designed to pay for long-term care once you need it. You make your premium payments based on a daily payout (there might be a lifetime payout cap). Then, when you’re actually in a facility, the insurance covers a majority of the …

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Is Gap Insurance Worth It

(9 days ago) Gap insurance covers the gap from what your car is worth and what you owe the lender. If you’ve paid off the loan entirely, then there’s no reason to have gap insurance at all. In fact, you can cancel gap insurance as soon as what you can get for the vehicle if …

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What is Supplemental Life Insurance and Do You Need It

(6 days ago) Opt for Supplemental Life Insurance with a Private Insurer. Supplemental life insurance you get through your employer is likely to be more expensive than if you get it elsewhere. After all, insurance companies know that it’s much more convenient for you to get a policy with the same insurer you already have basic coverage with.

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Is Homeowner's Insurance Tax Deductible

(9 days ago) Homeowner’s insurance premiums can be tax deductible even if you only rent out part of the house. For example, I’ve rented a room before and I shared the living space with the condo owner. Per IRS rules, you can only deduct a percentage of the insurance based on the portion of the home that’s being rented out.

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Top 3 Life Insurance Companies For Australian Seniors

(8 days ago) MetLife Insurance Limited. MetLife Insurance is a company with 150 years of experience in 40 different countries. In 2005, the company launched in Australia. It paid $488 million in claims in 2017 and offers a variety of different life insurance policies.

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What Is Non Owner Car Insurance And Do You Need It

(1 days ago) Non owner car insurance is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a particular kind of car insurance designed specifically for people who do not own the cars they drive. It covers basic liability in the event of an accident where you are at-fault. That means it protects you from needing to pay for the car repairs or medical bills of the other involved parties.

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Differences Between HMO and PPO Insurance Plans WalletGenius

(3 days ago) Auto Insurance Home Insurance Earthquake Insurance Health Insurance Cora Walker Cora is a Northwest-based writer and editor who wants to …

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Why Renters' Insurance is Worth The Money WalletGenius

(1 days ago) The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America defines a “typical” renters’ insurance policy as $30,000 of contents coverage and $100,000 of liability coverage. This is a good amount to start from if you’re younger and don’t own a ton of valuable possessions yet.

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Should You Still Buy Life Insurance If You're Single

(7 days ago) A life insurance payout takes care of this potentially sticky situation for your other co-borrowers. Do everyone a favor and at least make sure you have enough life insurance to cover any shared debts (car loans, student debt, or mortgages).

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What Is Final Expense Insurance and Do You Need It

(2 days ago) Insurance companies also tend to pay out these benefits faster than standard life insurance policies, partly due to the smaller amounts. Finally, if your needs are bigger and you can afford the higher premiums of standard life insurance, then you can basically skip the final expense insurance altogether.

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Short Term Disability Insurance: How Do You Qualify

(7 days ago) Short term disability insurance is a special kind of coverage. As the name implies, it’s meant to replace lost wages during a short period where you are unable to work due to a temporary disabling condition.

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Does it Make Sense to Get Life Insurance For Your Children

(Just Now) In general, life insurance for your child isn’t usually the best financial choice. However, everyone has different circumstances. There are situations in which it does make sense. Getting a life insurance policy is a commitment but the cost may be worth it for you. Carefully consider your family’s needs and budget.

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Personal Liability Insurance Explained: Do You Need It

(4 days ago) Personal liability insurance can be purchased on its own. However, it’s commonly included as part of homeowners or renters insurance. Auto insurance also has a personal liability coverage component, which can be confusing. That’s why you might see people use “personal liability insurance” and “personal liability coverage

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What is SIPC Insurance

(6 days ago) SIPC insurance primarily covers cash and securities. That will be your basic investments like stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. However, it’s important to know what isn’t covered too. SIPC insurance doesn’t cover commodity futures, foreign exchange currencies, or even cryptocurrencies — all the rage lately. If you invest heavily in

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Subrogation: What is It & How Does It Work

(9 days ago) Your health insurance company (or the establishments that treated you) often has the right to claim a portion (or all) of your winnings in a personal injury case to reimburse themselves. Where you live is a big factor in whether it ends up helping or hurting you in a personal injury case.

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Best Car Insurance For Teens: A Complete Guide WalletGenius

(9 days ago) Auto Insurance Driving Courses Teen Driving Courses Cost of Auto Insurance Cora Walker Cora is a Northwest-based writer and editor who wants to make information as accessible as possible in the internet age.

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How to Get Health Insurance If You're Self Employed

(6 days ago) Another option is to look online for health insurance quotes. If you go through popular aggregate sites, like HealthInsurance.org, you can get access to group plans that lump you in with other self-employed people and families. I found an insurance plan a few years ago through such a web site and it was a good experience.

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Auto Insurance: How to Get What Your Car Is Worth When It

(6 days ago) In other words, the car was totaled. Repairing vehicles keeps getting more and more expensive, so insurance companies writing them off is a fairly common practice. At the time, I could hardly afford groceries then, let alone a new car. The amount of money my insurance company offered me (minus my $1,000 deductible) seemed pretty paltry.

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Easy Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums WalletGenius

(7 days ago) Insurance agents typically ask a bunch of questions about you to find discounts and earn your business. However, there might be a few details they missed. To help boost your budget (and keep you saving beyond these trying times), we’ve put together a list of ways you can lower your car insurance premiums. Check out the helpful tips below.

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Whole vs. Term Life Insurance: How To Choose WalletGenius

(9 days ago) Whole life insurance is a kind of permanent life insurance, the idea being that this is a plan you can have until you, well, die. Whole plans usually come with other opportunities to invest in addition to your premium, but we advise against those unless you read your contract very carefully. Price of Whole vs. Term Life Insurance

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The Importance of Having Good Life Insurance WalletGenius

(3 days ago) Insurance often gets a bad rap, for both good and bad reasons. Many of us question the practicality of life insurance. You pay monthly for your policy, and then it seems like you get nothing out of it. It’s hard to care about something that doesn’t kick …

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Contractor Liability Insurance: Everything You Need to

(4 days ago) Contractor liability insurance protects general contractors against lawsuits that may arise when they are working on a construction job. It can cover anything from a smaller home repair to a larger infrastructure project. Oftentimes, lawsuits can occur when someone is injured on a job site or a property is accidentally damaged during construction.

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Motorcycle Insurance For New Riders: The Best Coverage and

(8 days ago) Motorcycle insurance, even for new riders, costs much less than car insurance. Premiums can go as low as $40 a month. However, you still need to think about motorcycle insurance. Especially if you are a new rider. While you can save on your premium compared to car insurance, you can’t skip out on it completely.

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