7 Reasons Why is Term Insurance Required for You

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IRCTC Travel Insurance: Features & Benefits

(5 days ago) Travel insurance is the insurance coverage when the person is in travel and this coverage is for life and any medical emergencies. The insurance is covered by a general insurance company. It will cover in case of train accident like collision, derailment etc. and terrorist attack, violence, robbery etc.

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How to Port a Health Insurance Policy in India

(1 days ago) Recently when I renew my family floater health insurance policy the insurance provider asked me 20% more premium. No claim for any member who is covered under the health insurance policy has been made for the last year so there is no chance of premium increment in that way. When I enquired to the agent why the premium has been increased so much I did not get any suitable reply.

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Super Top up Mediclaim

(9 days ago) A top up health insurance plan is an additional health insurance plan to a regular or existing individual health insurance. It is applicable for single hospitalisation. If the limit of regular existing health insurance exceeds top up plan triggers for a single time. It is not applicable …

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Target with insurance

(5 days ago) Next insurance which we need to take is the health insurance for the total family. Nowadays Health Care costs are rising day by day like anything. Even if you have the cover from existing employer please do not forget to take a health insurance because of the transition period of one job to another job and for the members of the family who is

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Investdunia Way to Wealth

(4 days ago) Investdunia is a personal finance blog to grow awareness among the youths in India. Find best articles on Banking, Insurance, Income Tax Saving, Mutual Funds, …

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Six Reasons Why Should You Invest in ULIP Now

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Difference between ULIP and SIP-Which is the Best

(9 days ago) Buy insurance to cover the future risk while you are accumulating wealth for your future goals. So always prefer to have a pure insurance cover. A term insurance of adequate cover can serve the purpose. You can select a mutual fund or other products for investment according to your goal, time to achieve the goal and risk taking capability.

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ULIP Vs Mutual Fund: What is Better Investment after LTCG

(5 days ago) Unit Linked Insurance Policies (ULIP) is a type of Insurance plan which provides risk cover with investment options which is linked to stocks, mutual funds or bonds. As the ULIPs are investing the money in the assets which are linked with market hence there may be …

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What to Take Care Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

(Just Now) Car insurance or motor Insurance is the coverage to protect the loss or damage to a car due to an accident. It also covers the life and property of others due to the accident. Most of the cars and bikes in India do not have valid insurances even if it is mandatory under the act.

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Difference between term insurance and endowment insurance

(9 days ago) ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Policies) are a mixed instrument where you can get insurance coverage as well as return on investment. The basic difference between Endowment and ULIP is the return for the endowment policies are fixed and for ULIP, it is linked with the stock market.

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How to Choose Best Health Insurance for Covid-19 in India

(2 days ago) The insurance cover help to secure your hard earn savings. Health Insurance is the agreement between the insurance company and the insured person that gives the guarantee to give compensation their medical expense and treatments when the person and his family get affected by …

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Term Insurance Online

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Nine Points to Remember While Buying Health Insurance

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Basics and Contribution Rate of EPF EPS EDLI

(2 days ago) The insurance benefit is based on your last 12 months average salary. It is calculated at 30 times of your last 12 months average salary. Along with that Rs.1,50,000 is added as a bonus. Considering Rs 15000 as basic salary and also average salary, 30 times of Rs …

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Top 5 Tips to Save Money on Health Insurance Premium

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Know the Difference between Term and Whole Life Insurance

(2 days ago) What is Whole Life Insurance? Whole life insurance is the insurance policy which covers the death for the entire lifetime of policy holder. It is called as permanent insurance also. The beneficiary or nominee will get the cover amount when after the policy holder’s death. The Insurance

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5 Top Tips for Financial Planning in 2018

(6 days ago)

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Tax Planning: Various Ways of Saving Income Tax

(Just Now) Life Insurance: The policy should be in the name of the individual, spouse, children or jointly. Policy can also be taken on dependent siblings. However, the premium has to be paid from the income of the Employee: Varies. Generally, 6-7% for endowment policy: Earnings are tax-free. 2: ULIP

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Withdraw PF Amount Partially for These Nine Reasons

(6 days ago) The employer certifies that the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme facility and benefits are not available to the member or the member produces a certificate from the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation to the effect that he has ceased to be eligible for cash benefits under the Employees’ State Insurance Scheme.

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The Many Benefits of a Opting for a Group Health Insurance

(Just Now) This insurance policy typically covers the employee, his/her spouse and their children. But Indian family dynamics are different where parents play a very important role. Many organizations allow you to add your parents, in addition to your spouse and children in your family health insurance policy.

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6 Tips to Remember while Buying Bike Insurance Online

(9 days ago) The insurance lapsed and they are roaming forgetting that the last date of the validity of the bike insurance was already over. Many of the riders also feel lazy while renewing the insurance as it seems a waste of money to them.

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Top 5 Best Family Floater Health Insurance Policy 2019

(4 days ago) Some insurance companies cover up to 60 years and some insurance companies cover up to 70 years of age. The more age they cover the better is the insurance policy. Tax Benefit on Health Insurance Policy: The income tax benefit of a health insurance policy is that you can claim a deduction for the premium paid under section 80D.

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How to Take Loan on LIC Policy Online including Repayment

(2 days ago) A term insurance which only covers the life risk is the ideal product for most individual to have proper insurance cover and there is no investment part in the term insurance. Also Read: Which Life Insurance Policy to Buy

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Ayushman Bharat Scheme Details Eligibility Benefits-All

(7 days ago) The insurance company / Trust will setup a Beneficiary approval team that works on fixed service level agreements. The insurance company / Trust can either approve or reject with reason based on the PMRSSM details and the information received.

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Top 10 Mutual Funds for SIP to Invest Now

(9 days ago) In this regard, you may be interested about switching the regular funds to direct plans. Here is the guide how you can switch the fund from regular to direct plan.. …

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how should a 25 year youth invest

(8 days ago) The premium paid for the insurance can be deducted under section 80C of income tax. In this regard, I would prefer to consider a pure term insurance. A term insurance can give you only the insurance coverage without any return. Also Read: Which Life Insurance Policy to Buy; Health Insurance. Health Insurance is an important aspect in financial

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Four Best Investment Plan for Monthly Income without any Risk

(4 days ago) Annuity from Insurance companies: An annuity is an investment product by which you can receive monthly income for rest of the life or for a stipulated duration. Annuities are mostly sold by Insurance companies. Annuities are of two types, deferred annuity, and immediate annuity.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Not Prepay Home Loan

(3 days ago) Then take the step to buy term insurance and health insurance. You can use this extra money to complete these must have insurances. Even more than that, if you require the lump sum amount to meet other liabilities like personal loan, vehicle loan etc., prioritize that requirement because the home loan has the lowest interest rate among all the

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A Short Guide of Financial Planning for Child Future

(8 days ago) Child insurance plans are to cover the life risk of the child. The insurance plans should be in the name of earners so that in absence of that person, family or dependents can be protected. The children is a not earner for a family. The fundamental difference between insurance and a child insurance plan makes it a bad insurance product.

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Six Best Personal Finance Books which You should Read

(7 days ago) The book is for beginners in financial planning. It beautifully describes insurance, different asset classes, mutual funds etc. It also guides how you allocate the investment for better return. Every investment should have some target or goal. You can easily identify …

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How to Invest in US Stock Market from India

(8 days ago) INSURANCE (22) MONEY HACKS (46) MUTUAL FUND (32) REAL ESTATE (15) RETIREMENT PLANNING (22) STOCK (13) Recent Posts. Five Best Stock Market Books in India for Beginners; Five Simple Money Hacks in India to Save Big; How to Earn Passive Income Online Without Leaving Your …

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Top Five Best Tax Saving Mutual Fund to Invest Now

(2 days ago) 5 Best Tax Saving Mutual Fund: On the basis of above criteria, the following funds are shortlisted. 1. Axis Long Term Equity: Axis Long-term equity fund has been started to generate long-term capital growth from a diversified portfolio of equity.

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How to Change AADHAAR Address Online without any Address …

(7 days ago) With this, you complete the total process of updating the aadhaar address online without any address proof. Once the changes are made, the new Aadhaar card with proper changes will be sent to your updated address through post.

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Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees FY 2018-19

(8 days ago) # Medical Insurance. Premium payment of medical or health insurance is exempted from income tax under section 80D of income tax act. The maximum sum which can be claimed as income tax benefit s maximum Rs 25,000. The benefit is Rs 50,000 for medical insurance of senior citizens.

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Top 10 Best Income Tax Savings Options in FY 2018-19

(7 days ago) 9# Life Insurance Premium. Premium payment for a life insurance is tax-free under section 80C of income tax. You can have deductions of Rs 1.5 lakh towards insurance premium. A term insurance is required for the persons who have dependents. Term insurance plan has no maturity value. It covers the life risk of insured persons only.

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Top 3 Things You Must Check Before Investing in Company

(1 days ago) The company fixed deposits are less secured than the bank fixed deposits. Bank deposits are insured of up to Rs 1 lakh and company deposits does not have any insurance. Banks are regulated by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and hence, the deposits are also as per the RBI guidelines. Company fixed deposits are as per the company rule and guidelines.

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Best Credit Card in India with No Annual Fee

(9 days ago) You can take any insurance using a credit card etc. I have also listed Top 10 reasons to use a credit card. which may help you to understand the benefits of using a credit card in layman’s language. What is a free credit card? A free credit card means that a credit card with no annual fee or no extra fee. You will have to pay only that amount

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All About Payment Banks Which You Should Not Overlook

(8 days ago) Payment Banks can sell mutual funds and insurance. By aggregating for mutual funds and insurance they can earn a commission. Soon people will come under formal banking system, there will be a need or consciousness to save money for future. People will automatically come to …

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Comparison between the New tax regime vs Old tax regime in

(9 days ago) People are investing insurance policies, ELSS mutual funds etc. for tax benefit only without knowing the investing benefit and associated risk. 4. Increased liquidity for every taxpayer: The reduced rate of tax would provide a higher level of disposable income, which can be used by every taxpayer.

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How to Buy Gold Bonds Scheme and Why should You Buy It

(9 days ago) Gold is an attractive investment and the buying of gold is good for the household during Diwali. Here is how to buy Gold Bonds Scheme.

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How Starting with Tax Saving Mutual Fund is a Successful

(2 days ago) Tax saving mutual funds offer an efficient way of saving taxes in comparison to other popular investment options under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Equity Linked Saving Scheme or ELSS has a short lock-in duration and is managed by professional managers. Let us look at how investing in ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Schemes can prove to be quite helpful.

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How to Convert Regular Mutual Fund to Direct Plan

(4 days ago) As the Direct plan of a fund does not have to pay any commission it gives you more return. Here is how you can convert regular mutual fund to direct plan.

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Income Tax Planning for Salaried Employees in FY 2017-18

(4 days ago) 10. Health Insurance. Premium payment of medical or health insurance is exempted from income tax under section 80D of income tax act. The maximum sum which can be claimed as income tax benefit s maximum Rs 15,000. The benefit is Rs 25,000 for medical insurance of senior citizens.

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Features and How to Apply Atal Pension Yojana Online

(6 days ago) Atal Pension Yojana was announced by Government of India to assure the social security to its citizens at the old age. Finance Minister has announced this Atal Pension Yojana(APY) during the budget 2015-16.

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Long Term Capital Gain Tax on Shares and Mutual Funds

(1 days ago) The finance minister re-introduced the long-term capital gain (LTCG) tax in the budget for the financial year 2018-19. It is proposed that investors have to pay 10% Long term capital gain tax …

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Dividend Vs Growth Mutual Funds – What Should You Choose

(3 days ago) People often confuse about dividend vs growth mutual funds. Is the dividend reinvest option is to be selected? Choose the option based on your requirement.

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