Boat Insurance Guide: Costs, Coverage & Policies

Boat insurance is a necessity for all boat owners, regardless of the type of boat you own. If you're shopping for boat insurance and don't know where to start, let us be your guide. We'll give you an overview of the basics of boaters insurance, the t

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Boat Towing Insurance & Coverage 101 Discover Boating

(6 days ago) Getting tow insurance, or a tow coverage membership, for a boat provides owners with the peace of mind they need to ensure they have on-water tow assistance when its needed. Learn more about boat towing membership providers like TowBoatUS and Sea Tow.

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Sinking Boat Insurance Myths Discover Boating

(Just Now) Myth: Boat insurance covers me wherever I go boating. Reality: Sorry Magellan, the reality is your navigational limit depends on your insurer. Some insurers may limit coverage to 100 nautical miles of your home port, while others have strict limits based on regions of the country. It is best to check with your insurance carrier so you’re

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(6 days ago) Real life insurance comes from the money you spend on things like VHF radios, life rafts, first aid equipment, navigation equipment and, what I want to focus on this week, the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB). An EPIRB is a small battery-powered transmitting device that is carried on board. As the name implies, it is used only

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Costs of Boat Ownership: Boat Costs & Affordability

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First-Time Boat Owner's Checklist Discover Boating

(3 days ago) Insurance Coverage for Roadside Assistance. You may also want to consider getting insurance coverage for roadside assistance, in case your tow vehicle breaks down while trailering your boat. Progressive’s Roadside Assistance, for example, provides 24/7 coverage including towing, jump starts, winching, fuel delivery, vehicle lockout, and flat

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Costs of Boat Ownership: Learn How Affordable A Boat Can Be

(3 days ago) Insurance: • Boat insurance costs vary by boat length and type, cost of the boat and level of coverage. • Consult your insurance agent for quotes or compare rates online. Some smaller boats can be insured for a nominal sum as a rider on a homeowner’s policy.

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Affordable Boating: Budgeting for Your Boat

(7 days ago) Insurance is generally less expensive in northern states where the boating season is short, and most expensive in coastal areas where boats tend to be larger and can be used year-round, and where there can be a hurricane risk. However, most boat owners discover that an annual boat policy is much less expensive than auto insurance, often as

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Boat Taxes and Deductions for Boaters

(9 days ago) If you use your boat to commute (at least 50% of the time for business transportation) you can deduct fuel costs, insurance, repairs, dock or slip fees, crew salaries, hurricane storage, and depreciation. You cannot use the boat to entertain clients or that will nullify the boat transport deduction. Taxes are Inevitable, But Can Be Managed

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Find A Boat to Buy: Boat Selector Tool Discover Boating

(Just Now) Use our interactive boat buying resource, the Boat Selector Tool, to help you find the boat type that's right for you. Choose from fishing boats, pontoons, and more to compare.

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Lightning-Proof Your Boat Discover Boating

(7 days ago) But put that same person aboard a boat and the­­­­­ likelihood changes — BoatU.S. insurance claim statistics show about 1.5 of every 1,000 powerboats are struck each year (as are roughly five sailboats). Is your boat protected if it should be one of those hit?

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Marine Warranties Discover Boating

(9 days ago) This is especially true if you’re a first time buyer and don’t really know what to look for in a pre-owned boat. When choosing a warranty program, look for one backed by a quality insurance company and designed just for boats.

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Boat Storage Guide: Indoor Boat Storage, Dry Storage & Outdoor

(9 days ago) Unsure how to store your boat? We'll walk you through the steps on comparing indoor boat storage, dry boat storage, outdoor boat storage, in-water slips, rack storage, marina use and more. Our complete guide on boat storage options will help you dete

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Marine Surveys and Surveyors Discover Boating

(Just Now) In some cases, lenders or insurance companies maintain lists of approved surveyors they trust. There’s one key factor to bear in mind: you should make sure any surveyor you use is a member of either the National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS) or the Society of …

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Beginner's Boat Maintenance for Dummies Discover Boating

(5 days ago) Follow our basic boat maintenance checklist for new boaters to learn how to maintain your boat. Read our boat maintenance tips for marine battery and engine care, fuel systems, changing and checking the oil, propshaft inspection and more.

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Cuddy Cabin Boats Discover Boating

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Sailboats Sailing Boats Discover Boating

(3 days ago) Then add in insurance and state registration or U.S. Coast Guard documentation. crunch the numbers. Use our Boat Loan Calculator to get a better idea of your own budget. Maintenance Costs. Sailboats tend to have a longer life than motorboats and it’s not unusual to find people cruising on models that are 30 years old or more. However

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What Should Be Included on a Float Plan

(9 days ago) A float plan should include a description of the vessel, the number of persons onboard, the destination and route, contact information, and timeframe of the outing. Learn more about what should be included on a float plan and how to file one.

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Boat Pricing Guides Discover Boating

(1 days ago) You can usually find copies at marine insurance agents or banks that handle boat financing. BOAT/US, (800) 473-2869, also has a useful pricing service available to members called the Value Check program, which provides price guidelines for specific boat models by telephone or via the Internet.

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How to Buy a Used Boat from a Private Seller Discover

(7 days ago) Follow our Buying a Used Boat Checklist to learn more about the process of buying a boat from a private seller. Purchasing a pre-owned boat second hand from a private party can help you save money on the price, but it is a "buyer beware" situation.

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All-Purpose Fishing Boats Discover Boating

(9 days ago) Setting fuel and insurance aside, your next biggest expense is likely to be bait! All-Purpose Fishing Boats Technology/Materials/Features. The materials and features found in most all-purpose fishing boats haven’t changed much in recent years due to their inherent simplicity.

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Ski Boats Wake Boats Discover Boating

(2 days ago) Costs such as insurance and registration are about the same, as are maintenance and storage costs. One key difference in costs is the price of the boat, which means monthly payments are higher. Fuel costs also can be higher because of power required to push a boat weighed down with thousands of pounds of water ballast on board.

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12 New Boats Under $20K for 2021 Discover Boating

(7 days ago) 2. Carolina Skiff 162 JLS. Price: $18,972 Most people think that getting a fiberglass bay boat would be expensive, but Carolina Skiff proves that doesn’t have to be the case with their new 162 JLS, which starts at $18,972 with a 60-horsepower Suzuki DF60ATL3 on the transom.For the 2021 model year the 162 JLS has a modified-V hull and a full inner-liner, which is a serious change from old

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Deck Boats Discover Boating

(4 days ago) Deck boats are ideal when the size of your family and boating aspirations is bigger than a bowrider.A deck boat is exactly what the name implies, a boat with a lot of deck space, and it derives the name and the space from hull designs that are flared at the top to create—guess what?—more deck space. And with more deck space comes more room for family and friends, seating, amenities and

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Best Boating Apps Discover Boating

(9 days ago) Basically it’s like the BoatU.S. version, but for people who have towing insurance with Sea Tow instead. Price: Yup, this one’s free, too. Click here to download. Waterway Guide Marinas. This is a relatively simple, free app which lists out listings for over 3700 marinas and boatyards nation-wide. You can use it to find which marinas have

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Boat Club Memberships: Why Should You Join

(3 days ago) Boat club costs are significantly less than purchasing a boat outright, boat club membership often comes with additional perks like boating education classes, on-the-water training, insurance coverage, and/or social events, and there are boat clubs near me, near you, and near just about everyone else who lives anywhere close to a popular waterway.

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How to Get a Boat Loan: Learn the Basics Discover Boating

(5 days ago) Identify and price the boat insurance you need. Initiate the purchase. Boat Loan Calculator. Boat Loans: Options, Interest Rates and Lenders. If it sounds simple, well, that’s because it is. Most new boats are purchased with a loan, so well-established procedures are in place. As for who to take out the loan from, you’ll have three basic

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Living on a Boat: Beginner's Guide for Liveaboards

(8 days ago) Liveaboard slip fees are usually higher and your insurance rates may increase if your boat becomes your primary residence. How do I live aboard a boat with a pet? Dogs, cats and other pets need to acclimate to their new environments. They need exercise, private space and easy access to food and a potty. Make sure stairs and docks are safe for

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Financial Questions to Ask When Buying a Boat Discover

(7 days ago) What is the Average Cost of Boat Insurance? Most sources use the figure of 1.5-percent of the boat’s cost, but in reality, considering this cost is more or less like considering the cost of a boat in general—the range is so large that an “average” is unlikely to be an accurate reflection of what any one individual will end up spending.

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Aluminum Fishing Boat Discover Boating

(6 days ago) The smallest aluminum boats may be powered by an electric motor, powered by a battery placed in the boat. Other operational costs include annual registration and insurance, trailer registration if required in your state, and off-season storage if you can’t or don’t care to store the boat at home.

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Buying a Personal Watercraft (PWC), Jet Ski or WaveRunner

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Go-Fast Boats: Beginner's Guide Discover Boating

(5 days ago) Other costs include insurance, which is higher for go-fast boats than it is for boats in other segments. The faster the boat, the more expensive and expensive and difficult it is to insure. Though high-performance marine engines, especially Mercury Racing’s inboard and outboard offerings, have become far more reliable than they once were

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Aluminum vs. Fiberglass Boats Discover Boating

(Just Now) Most boats are constructed of one of two materials: either aluminum or fiberglass. The type of boat you decide to buy all depends on how and where you plan to use the boat. Let's look at the unique advantages when comparing aluminum and fiberglass boats.

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Best Lake Boats Discover Boating

(7 days ago) Natural lakes and reservoirs are among the most-popular family boating destinations because they are widely distributed and offer a variety of activities, from watersports to fishing.When choosing the best craft for your lake-boating adventures it’s best to consider the lake or lakes you plan on visiting, and the type of boating activities you’d like to pursue.

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Personal Watercraft Safety Jet Skis, WaveRunners & Sea-Doo

(6 days ago) Safely operating a personal watercraft (PWC), Jet Ski, WaveRunner or Sea-Doo can ensure that your experience is that much more enjoyable. The U.S. Coast Guard considers personal watercrafts Class A vessels, which means all safety equipment and operation laws that apply to boats under 16 feet also apply to PWCs. Learn more in our personal watercraft safety guide.

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Walkaround Boat Discover Boating

(5 days ago) A larger boat will require an engine or engines with more horsepower, which will naturally use more fuel. Other operational costs include annual registration and insurance, trailer registration if required in your state, and off-season storage if you can’t or don’t care to store the boat at home. Larger walkaround models are often kept in

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Center Console Boats Discover Boating

(9 days ago) Center consoles are the ideal choice for fishing in offshore waters where weather and sea conditions demand a truly seaworthy vessel. A center console boat can also be used for a wide range of activities, from fishing, to towing a tube, or cruising.

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Trawler Discover Boating

(2 days ago) In addition, you should also plan in insurance costs (see Insuring Your Boat for more info). You might guess that their traditional design and heritage means that trawlers haven’t changed much over the years, but that would be a mistake. New hull designs developed an entire genre of trawler dubbed the “slow-fast,” which has the ability to

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Boat Sharing & Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals Discover Boating

(5 days ago) Any boat owner can list his or her boat on a number of peer-to-peer sharing platforms that specialize in boats. The service takes a cut of the rental fee, and in exchange the parties involved can get third-party peer-to-peer boat rental insurance, safety and security checks, a secure payment system, and the ability to review ratings.

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Money Saving Programs for New Boaters from West Marine and

(7 days ago) Information on West Marine Boat Insurance, West Marine Credit Card, West Marine Financing, Vessel Assist Towing, Mariner’s Protection Plan, and Onboard Protection Plan; Our top priority is YOU and your boat outfitting experience. Please feel free to speak directly with your West Marine Outfitting Specialist with any questions or requests you

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Boat Owners Association: BoatUS Discover Boating

(2 days ago) BoatUS - Boat Owners Association of The United States - is the oldest and largest association of boaters, for boaters. For over four decades BoatUS has focused exclusively on providing the highest quality boating services, significant savings and a strong voice fighting to protect boaters from unfair taxes and burdensome regulations that take the fun out of boating.

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Boat Loan Calculator for Boat Financing Discover Boating

(9 days ago) Boat Loan Payment Calculator. Believe it or not, boating can be more affordable than you think! In some instances, you can buy a brand new boat for around $250 a month, while a new personal watercraft (PWC) may be purchased for around $125 a month. Interest on a boat loan may be deductible if the boat has a galley, berth and head.

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Bay Boats Flats Boats Discover Boating

(3 days ago) Bay boats and flats boats are both focused on the same mission—taking you to hard-to-reach fishing spots in shallow water. Bay boats can’t get quite as shallow as flats boats can and they can’t be pushed with a push-pole (for a super-stealthy approach) like a flats fishing boat, but on the other hand, they’re usually larger, have a sharper V in their hulls, and can be run into open

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Pontoon Boat vs. Deck Boat Discover Boating

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Motor Yachts Power Cruiser Boats Discover Boating

(4 days ago) Motor yachts, as indicative in the name, are sizeable recreational vessels with one, or more likely two engines for primary propulsion. There’s no definitive line between what is a boat and a yacht but generally, yachts run 40 to 90 feet, are more expensive and offer an element of luxury as well as the ability to cruise farther for longer periods of time.

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Fish-and-Ski Boat Discover Boating

(6 days ago) Most fish-and-ski boats are designed for fresh-water use, and come in two general categories: those based on a family bowrider or deck boat with added fishing features, and those based on fishing boats like a bass boat or an all-purpose fishing boat with features that make them better-suited for watersports and comfortable family cruising. A great fish-and-ski boat is a hybrid designed to

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What is a Poker Run

(1 days ago) A poker run is a social event for go-fast, high performance boats that involves a long cruise with several stops where participants pick up a playing card at each stop with the goal of coming away with the best five-card poker hand. Learn more in our beginner's guide, "What is a Poker Run?"

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Best Boats for Beginners Discover Boating

(6 days ago) Variables like maintenance costs, insurance, and off-season storage can come into play, and no one likes to be surprised by unexpected expenditures. For some people this will be a non-issue. But if you have a family on a budget, be sure to calculate out as many potential costs as you can before choosing a specific boat to begin with.

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Personal Watercraft (PWC) Discover Boating

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