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20 Careers You Can Pursue with a Finance Degree

(4 days ago) A business development manager is someone who has outstanding customer service skills. Combined with a background in finance, people in this role will be in constant communication with both employees and clients in a manner that reflects the company’s policies and mission statement.

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Best Jobs for Graduates With a Finance Degree

(3 days ago) Financial analysts research stocks, bonds, companies, and industries to assist bankers, investors, and corporate finance officers with mergers, acquisitions, and stock/bond offerings, as well as corporate expansions and restructuring. They can capitalize on their finance major training as they dissect financial statements and other financial data.

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Best Jobs for Finance Majors | Glassdoor

(4 days ago) Finance Major Internships If you’re working towards a finance degree, with the goal of having a career in the financial industry, it’s a good strategy to garner field experience through an internship. The good news for finance majors is that there are plenty of opportunities. Plus, they tend to pay well.

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Careers in Finance | Top 6 Options You Must Consider ...

(3 days ago) There has been a rapid growth in the finance industry in the past and in order to make career in the finance, one has to get suitable degree such as B. Com, CPA or MBA in finance and then can choose the career in any of the different areas of finance such as the equity analyst, Investment Banking, Asset Management, risk management, corporate finance, etc.

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Careers in Finance | Job and Salary Info for Finance ...

(3 days ago) The finance industry spans a wide variety of careers, including those related to individual investors, corporations, banking and stocks. If you're interested in careers in finance but aren't sure...

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What Can You Do with a Finance Degree? 7 Careers to ...

(3 days ago) Personal financial advisors are probably the finance professionals who are the most visible to the public. They’re the people who assist clients in managing their personal investments to fit their needs—for example, planning for retirement, managing investment risks, or planning what to do with their estates.

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Uncommon Jobs for Your Finance Degree - Investopedia

(4 days ago) When it's time for college students to decide their majors, many go with finance or economics in hopes that it will lead to high-paying and relatively stable employment. It's certainly true that...

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What Jobs Are Available for a Finance Major? | Work ...

(7 days ago) The world of business and finance offers some of the best career opportunities on the market. A finance degree may open the door to a variety of careers across most industries. Depending on your...

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Business and Financial Occupations : Occupational Outlook ...

(4 days ago) Employment in business and financial operations occupations is projected to grow 5 percent from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 476,200 new jobs. Globalization, a growing economy, and a complex tax and regulatory environment are expected to continue to lead to strong demand for accountants and auditors.

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Financial Career Options for Professionals

(3 days ago) Corporate finance jobs involve working for a company in the capacity of finding and managing the capital necessary to run the enterprise. This is done while maximizing corporate value and reducing...

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Entry Level Finance Jobs, Employment |

(3 days ago) 941 Entry Level Finance jobs available on Apply to Entry Level Financial Analyst, Entry Level Financial Advisor, Underwriter Trainee and more!

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Top Jobs for Finance Degree majors — CareerExplorer

(5 days ago) A less "classic" career option for a finance major, becoming a sales manager can be a desirable alternative to the hectic work life of other finance jobs. Sales managers are found in almost any industry—from fashion to software and everything in between. These creative, organized, and personable individuals oversee all the operations of the ...

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What Can You Do with a Finance Degree? | Affordable ...

(3 days ago) While that is true, finance professionals also have other valuable skills that translate to a number of career options. From budget analysts and insurance underwriters to entrepreneurs and real estate agents, the skills you obtain from a finance degree are useful and in-demand across many industries.

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Careers in Finance: What Can You Do With a Finance Degree?

(3 days ago) In the field of finance, there are three main categories of the industry: public, corporate, and personal. From financial planning to investment banking to insurance, people who pursue careers in finance power the world. Pursuing a bachelor of science in finance is the first step to unlocking your finance career potential.

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10 Highest Paying Jobs for Finance Majors Majors, Careers ...

(4 days ago) Finance is an excellent degree choice that offers challenging work in a variety of industries. While you know that many finance-related careers come with generous salaries, it’s good to reflect on some of the highest paying careers for finance majors before you make any employment decisions as a newly minted finance graduate.

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Best Jobs For Finance Majors - Zippia

(3 days ago) Enter "Finance" into the search bar and you can get a sense of what kind of government jobs are available to Finance majors. Find a job title you like and come back here to learn more about it. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS offers detailed data on pay, location, and availability of different kinds of jobs across the country.

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Jobs You Can Get with a Finance Degree: 4 Elite Opportunities

(3 days ago) One major differentiator for this finance job is the sales-focused nature of the work — personal financial advisors need to possess strong interpersonal skills to build a base of clients. While that may require some extra work; success leads to increased earning potential. 4. Financial services sales agent

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Finance Careers | Career Paths and Advancement | All ...

(3 days ago) Let's look at the job descriptions of the three main finance careers areas, to learn about the daily concerns and tasks of each. In personal finance , decisions are made about paying for education, financing goods such as real estate and vehicles, buying health and property insurance, and investing and saving for retirement.

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Finance Jobs, Employment |

(3 days ago) 62,538 Finance jobs available on Apply to Finance Intern, Entry Level Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst and more!

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Career Opportunities for Finance Majors | Career Advice ...

(6 days ago) Finance Career Opportunities for Finance Majors Being a finance major presents you with plenty of interesting opportunities to learn about business models and financial markets while also building new skills. But with so many opportunities, you may be wondering what kind of job you can get with a finance degree.

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Careers with an MBA in Finance: Career Options and Salary Info

(3 days ago) MBA Finance Career Options MBA with finance concentration jobs are typically in the field of finance, but often differ in their specific job duties. MBA in Finance careers range from analyst...

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Corporate Finance Career Path | Top 9 Jobs You Must Explore!

(3 days ago) Corporate Finance Career Path. Corporate finance career path are the paths i.e. levels which leads to head of all levels, i.e. chief financial officer who directs and controls all the paths and the various paths are financial planning & analysis which is also known as management accounting which analyses the figures and report, controllership which reports in the books of accounts and ensures ...

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10 Jobs for Graduates With an Economics Degree

(3 days ago) If you're the analytical type, fascinated by the world around you, then an economics major might be a good choice for you. A degree in economics can help you get started in many areas, including public policy and finance. You can use an economics degree to study industry trends, labor markets, the prospects for individual companies, and the forces that drive the economy.

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Types of Jobs Available With a Master's in Finance | Grad ...

(3 days ago) The types of jobs available with a Master’s in Finance are usually in investments or in financial management or analysis. A partial listing of these opportunities includes: Commercial Banking : Careers in commercial banking allow professionals to work in accountancy, financial management, commodities, sales of financial services and financial ...

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Best Jobs for Economics Majors | Glassdoor Guides

(4 days ago) Most economics majors know that there are plenty of job opportunities for them in finance and government, but don’t discount the private sector! Many companies, especially in tech, are increasingly seeing the value of hiring economists, and roles in demand forecasting and data science are available everywhere from retail companies to software ...

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7 Financial Career Opportunities For Finance Majors

(2 months ago) But with many financial career opportunities, you might get confused which job you should opt for with a major in finance degree. With finance being a vast field, there are many financial career opportunities you can select. There are many financial career options available for enthusiastic individuals with appropriate skills and credentials.

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What can I do with an accounting and finance degree ...

(3 days ago) What do accountancy and finance graduates do? Almost a third of graduates (31%) work as chartered and certified accountants. The second most common occupation is finance and investment analysts and advisers (10%). Eight of the top ten jobs held by graduates are related to their degree subject.

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Top 10 Jobs in Banking and Finance - AOL Finance

(3 days ago) Advisors with a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, economics, business mathematics or law will have the best opportunities for jobs in their field. Average salary : $66,405/year With ...

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Careers for FinanceMajors

(4 days ago) Finance Major. Description: A program that generally prepares individuals to plan, manage, and analyze the financial and monetary aspects and performance of business enterprises, banking institutions, or other organizations. Includes instruction in principles of accounting, financial instruments, capital planning, funds acquisition, asset and debt management, budgeting, financial analysis, and ...

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List of Financial Careers | Work -

(3 days ago) According to the BLS, securities, commodities and financial service sales agents earned $70,190 in May 2010. To secure a job in one of these positions, you should have a bachelor's degree in business, finance, accounting or economics. Advanced positions require a Master of Business Administration degree.

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Business and Finance Careers - Jobs, Salaries & Education ...

(3 days ago) Our business/finance career category provides pertinent information about a variety of business related careers such as employment outlook, salary, training, a matching online degree and much more. Each business related career has its relevant type and level of postsecondary education.

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Careers - World Bank

(3 days ago) With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

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40 Top Paying Accounting Jobs - The Accounting Degree Review

(3 days ago) An Assistant Controller will definitely need a bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, or some other business-related field like management, but may not need a master's degree to get the job. However, to advance to a Controller position, an Assistant Controller may want to think about going back to school, maybe to get an online accounting ...

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What Can I Do with a Major in Finance? | School of Business

(3 days ago) Additional information on careers in finance is available at Business Career Services in 1130 Capitol Federal Hall. For further information, students are encouraged to review the following resources: Wall Street Oasis - Resources and community forum on starting a career in finance. Bloomberg Terminal Resources and Certificate

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10 In-Demand Careers for People Who Love Math

(3 days ago) Math majors diverge into two distinct career paths: While some may work in academia as math researchers, others work in diverse industry roles. The industry path is far more common than academic research, Goulding says. Industry roles vary greatly and the opportunities are endless based on your interests.

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Careers in Accounting | Accountant Career | Accounting ...

(3 days ago) Careers in Accounting Professional accountants of today have careers that use e a wide variety of skills applicable to highly specialized roles. When the editors of the Journal of Accountancy wrote in 1912 that an accountant is beginning to be “looked upon as a business physician,” they could not have envisioned the dynamic array of ...

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Finance Major - Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's and PhD ...

(7 days ago) Bachelor's Degrees in Finance. In most cases, entry-level positions in finance require applicants to hold at least a bachelor's degree. Studies at this level help students to learn about the skills and knowledge utilized by careers in the financial sector, while also laying the groundwork for a well-rounded education through general educational requirements.

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Finance Jobs (with Salaries) | Canada

(3 days ago) Search 5,640 Finance jobs now available on, the world's largest job site.

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Careers at NASA: Explore the Extraordinary, Every Day | NASA

(3 days ago) Learn about careers at NASA. NASA is more than astronauts. We are scientists, engineers, IT specialists, human resources specialists, accountants, writers, technicians and many other kinds of people working together to break barriers to achieve the seemingly impossible.

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Interesting and Fun Finance Jobs You Didn't Know Existed ...

(3 days ago) While a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification would give you a leg up to get a forensic accountant job, a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is enough to get you in the door. Insurance Analyst. The insurance industry is always looking to recruit undergrads with a finance or business degree.

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14 Highest-Paying Jobs for English Majors

(3 days ago) Librarians earn an average over $57,000, while the top 10% can bring in roughly $90,000 a year. To be a librarian, you’ll eventually need a master’s degree in library science, which is complemented by an English degree. With an expected job growth of 2%, opportunities may be a slightly limited in the future. Editor: Average salary: $57,210

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Careers at Major League Baseball |

(2 months ago) Major League Baseball understands the importance of offering competitive benefits in order to attract the industry's best talent. As a result, our employees have access to many exceptional programs, which help them manage their own health, security and financial futures, as well as those of their families.

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14 Career Options for Psychology Majors | Psychology Today

(5 days ago) Another entry-level job of having a psychology degree is the human resource personnel position. This is for people who prefer the organizational setting over the clinical or business setting.

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The 25 highest-paying jobs you can get without a college ...

(4 days ago) Many of the highest-paying jobs that do not require a college degree are physically demanding and expose workers to a degree of occupational hazards.

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Majoring in Finance in College or Business School

(7 days ago) Why Major in Finance? Majoring in finance is a good option for students who want to have numerous job opportunities after graduation. Finance is the management of money, and since nearly every business seeks to make money, you could say that finance is the backbone of any business.

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Finance Job Descriptions - Browse Job Requirements and Skills

(4 days ago) Browse job descriptions: requirements and skills for job postings in investment banking, equity research, treasury, FP&A, corporate finance, accounting and other areas of finance. These job descriptions have been compiled by taking the most common lists of skills, requirement, education, experience and other

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Finance Careers | BestColleges

(4 days ago) As such, prospective and current college students should research education requirements for their desired careers. Associate Degree in Finance. Most jobs in finance require at least a bachelor's degree, but some positions only require an associate in finance. For example, you can start working as a bookkeeper, accounting clerk, auditing clerk ...

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Job Search | Bloomberg Careers

(3 days ago) Stay connected with us and be among the first to learn about new job opportunities. We’ll use the information you provide to help us get in touch with you to align your expertise with our opportunities and better direct our conversations.

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